How to get to Furtwangen-Neukirch

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map of Black-Forest, Germany
Basel (100 km), Freiburg (40 km), Offenburg (70 km), Karlsruhe (150 km), Stuttgart (100 km), Konstanz (120 km), Ulm (220 km), Frankfurt (260 km), München (350 km)

by train: It is possible to reach Furtwangen-Neukirch (Map) by train and bus, but it is not recommended as Furtwangen does not have a train station.

by car:
All highways (called Autobahn in Germany) are beginning with the char "A" followed by a number. Some Autobahns has additionally an "E" sign, this means European street

Take the A5 Karlsruhe-Basel, exit Offenburg and the B33 in direction of Villingen-Schwenningen or
when coming from Freiburg take the exit Freiburg-Nord via Waldkirch and Simonswälder Tal to Neukirch (Map).
Or take the A81 Stuttgart-Singen, exit Villingen-Schwenningen via Villingen, Vöhrenbach, Furtwangen, Neukirch (Map).

by car from the aiport:
Airport Frankfurt to Neukirch: 290 km, about 3 to 3,5 hours to drive by car:
driving from airport "Frankfurt am Main-Flughafen" to A3 [E42]
after 1 km at "Frankfurter Kreuz" driving right to A5 [E451] in direction to "Darmstadt"
after 250km take exit number 61 "Freiburg-Nord"to street B294
take B3 [B294] direction to Furtwangen
follow the street until the sign "Neukirch (Map)" appears

Airport Stuttgart to Neukirch: 140 km, about 1 hour 45 min.:
follow the signs to A8/A81
at exit 52 Stuttgart-Degerloch/-Möhringen go to A8 [E52]
after 11 km at intersection Stuttgart going to A81 [E41]
after 100km take exit nr. 35 "Villingen-Schwenningen"to B27
after 107km going to B33 [E531] dircection Titisee, Freiburg, Furtwangen
after 135km going to B500 direction to Titisee
following the signs to Furtwangen direction Titisee, Freiburg
follow the street until the sign "Neukirch (Map)" appears

Airport Basel to Neukirch: 110km, 1 hour 45 min.:
following the signs to "Germany"
after 6km going B532 Weil am Rhein
after 7km going to A5 [E35] direction Freiburg
after 70km take exit nr. 61 Freiburg-Nord to B294
after 75km go to B294 direction Furtwangen
following the signs to Furtwangen-Neukirch (Map)

from airport Zurich to Neukirch: 120 km, 2 hours:
take A4-A51 direction A1 [A4], [E60]
at Aubrugg going to A1 [A4], [E60]
after 10km at Brüttisellen staying at A1 [A4], [E60]
after 27km at A1-A4 going to A4 [E41]
after 66km take exit "Germany"
in Germany take the B27 direction Donaueschingen
driving direction to Vöhrenbach, Furtwangen
in Furtwangen taking the streets direction to Titisee-Neustad, Freiburg, Neukirch (Map)

Maps of Neukirch:
Map of Neukirch (from direction of Titisee-Neustadt)
Map of Neukirch (from direction of Freiburg or Furtwangen)

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